#52Poetry: Ain’t Been Reading, But I’ve Been Productive.

I started the new year with the best of intentions: I was going to do and complete #52Poetry. I was going to read 52 books of poetry and I was going to write about it all.

After week four came and went…after I subscribed Netflix…after Mad Men, Portlandia, Arrested Development…after SGRho…after I decided I wanted to create stuff instead of read stuff…well, you get it.

I honestly don’t even know what week it is! I checked out Lucille Clifton’s entire collection, most of which are now overdue.

The year is not over and I can still reach my goal. I am just behind now…way behind.

But here’s what I have been doing instead of reading and writing! the sisters jones collective.

I made some upcycled brooches:

crocheted a layered brooch:

I made some cowls:

Then, there were a few baby blankets:

I attended  The Southern Writers Symposium – @WriteSouth:

I also participated in the @nypl poetry contest. This happened, too. I wasn’t too excited, then I was *shrug*and “it’s okay.”:

And finally, the sisters jones collective. has been, well, updated:

So, while I haven’t being doing #52Poetry that well so far, I am doing other stuff.


52 Poetry: Week Four

Good News About the Earth
by Lucille Clifton

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52 Poetry: Week One

Here I am again – attempting #52poetry again! At the last party, I started in the middle of the year and then I got a new job that didn’t really allow for extracurricular anything and was relatively meh about the whole challenge.

(Gahdang! The original post has magically disappeared and wordpress is giving me hell.)

More on #52poetry here and here.

Sidenote: I am going to also attempt a general (all prose) reading challenge. I am a very slow, slow reader. So one (1) book a month is the absolute best I can do. And if I’m feeling adventurous, I might read two!

In addition to wordpress, you can also find me here:

This week I read:

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